7 Unbelievable Things People Found Inside Meatpies (See Photos)

If you saw these, how would you react?

There’s something extremely satisfying about taking that first bite into a nice crisp warm meatpie.

The feeling of the sauce and potatoes and meat melting into the tongue. The crunchiness of the meatpie crust. There is nothing quite as comparable to that feeling of eating a nice sweet meatpie, especially when paired with a cold drink.

But could you imagine taking a bite into a seemingly beautiful meatpie crust only to find something you never expected inside?

That was the reality of my 7 picks for today’s list, and I am so so so excited to share this list with you because I laughed, gasped, and even at some point screamed at some of the pictures I’m about to show you.

Before we jump in, I think it is important to show you what a standard meatpie looks like.

A Normal Meatpie looks like this:

Okay, now let’s look at what THESE people got.


All I can say is, it's a wicked world out there.

I would also be needing the services of a therapist, please can anyone connect me to one😫😫😢 pic.twitter.com/YOWgZXIYW2

— Buby Vibranium!!!😎😋 (@boo_bae1) July 18, 2019

Twitter user, OnuorahEbube3 shared this picture of her meatpie which she cut open to find…you’ve guessed it! MACARONI inside.


You don’t do that to a hungry Nigerian! I truly do hope Onuorah was able to find the help she was looking for in that therapist. This is truly the type of heartache that’s very hard to get over.

Stay strong my sister.


This second poor soul posted this picture of what he bought on the street. He purchased a fish pie, but when he opened it up, lo and behold, it was beans inside. Not even cooked brown beans, the white beans that needs stew on top.

What a wicked world we’re really living in. What a wicked world.


This one is just frustrating because as a Nigerian, I too have had my fair share of these empty meatpies. You’ll spend hard-earned money on meatpie from restaurant, only to open it and see what…air. One or two pieces of potato here and there.


It’s very frustrating. See how flat the meatpie even looks. Oh no.


This Leadcity Uni Ibadan’s student’s story is very upsetting. The meatpie itself is very upsetting and disgusting. You’ll see in a minute. But then, also, the story itself of the way she was treated upon discovering what she saw inside is appalling.

I’ll tell you what she said first, and then I’ll show you the picture. She said:

I am a student of Leadcity Uni Ibadan; as I was coming from school this afternoon, I was hungry so I went to an eatery that’s ( Mr Biggs Mobil, it’s in Ibadan too ). I bought 2 meat pie n pet coke.

I sat there to eat it; after eating the first one n wanted to eat the second I saw a dead half cockroach in it. I showed them the pie; as I was showing the guys working there; a security guy named Bode who works there; he says y r u shouting it doesn’t mean n it’s normal during production.

I have the Bode guys pic; he even said he’s gon slap me if I say anything again. Pls I have the pic of the meat pie. Thanks. And the receipt which has today’s date for you to b sure. Thanks.

Can you imagine?! Not only did she see a dead half cockroach inside her meatpie, the man working there too was now giving her an attitude on top. Ha! We would both die on the line there!

At least looking at the receipt it’s good that she wasn’t charged for the meatpie, just the coke. What kind of rubbish! How does a dead cockroach end up in somebody’s meatpie?



This one is a story of somebody who went out to a party and was given meatpie.

Or at least, that’s what the person thought. Only for them to open up the foil and discover:

HALF-EATEN EBA! And it even has the soup stains on it. What The Actual Hell?!

This isn’t even sanitary. Like, what?! It’s not even like this person tried. But wait oh, I’m confused. What if the person decided to open it at the event? Is this what was given to everybody at the event? This one is just too much man.


Once again, the Beans strikes!

What is this new trend of people putting beans inside meatpie. I’m confused. Do they think people won’t be able to taste the difference?

At least in this one’s case, the beans is brown cooked beans so that one at least has taste. But still, who’s gonna eat this kind of thing?!


Are you kidding me?!


This is the 3rd one that has beans inside. Is this really becoming the new trend? I’ll fight anybody that gives me meatpie with beans inside. I will actually no doubt pull shirt and fight whoever tries such. How can you do that?



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