6 Nigerian Celebrities Who Became Famous And Rich Through Skit Making

Nigeria is one place where comedy thrives a lot as Nigerians have proven to be very talented at creating humour over the years. With very limited white collar jobs available for everyone in the country, it is wonderful to see how so many Nigerians have crafted a niche for themselves through online comedy.

However, not only they have gained popularity through digital skit content, it has also turned out to be a lucrative source of income for them. In this article, I will be sharing with you some Nigerian personalities who became famous and rich through skit making;

1- Mr Funny

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu popularly known as Mr Funny or Sabinus is a Nigerian content creator who came into limelight in 2019. His regular comedy skits has made him very influential in the entertainment industry with million of followers on social media. Sabinus is known as for always using the catch phrase "Good Afternoon", "How Is The Family" in virtually all his online content and this has since become popular on the lips of his viewers.

Although his net worth cannot be accurately ascertain, it is believed that Mr Funny earns enough to allow him live a comfortable life.

2- Brainjotter

Chukwuebuka Amuzie popularly known as Brainjotter is another fast rising digital content creator who came into limelight after his videos started trending online in 2020. He began by playing a stress-free role where he picks up his shoes and exit the scene if anybody gives him more trouble than he could handle. Over time, his talent and creativity has earned him collaboration with other top Nigerian entertainers like Don Jazzy.

Although his Instagram handle is unverified, Brainjotter commands about 1.4 million followers on it and almost 400k followers on Facebook.

3- Zicsaloma

Zicsaloma became an internet sensation in 2017 after his comedy skits went viral on TikTok and Instagram. The Kaduna born content creator focus his skits on varying themes from social changes and playing a role as Sister Ekwitos, a female evangelist character.

Last year, Zicsaloma acquired a Mercedes Benz and a new house for himself as proof that what he is doing pays.

4- Taaooma

Maryam Apaokagi professionally known as Taaooma started online comedy in 2015 and rose to stardom four years later with a skit based on African parents taking their children to school. Her comedy skits are centered on exposing African mothers and their unique manner of disciplining African children with a slap.

She commands over 3.5 million followers on Instagram and seeing how she's so influential socially, one can only imagine her financial net worth.

5- Sydney Talker

With millions of followers on social media, Sydney Talker has well and truly gained prominence in the entertainment industry. He became popular with his facial expression and white towel skits coupled with the fact that he is good dancer.

6. Broda Shaggy

Animashaun Samuel Perry, also known as Broda Shaggi , is a popular online comedian, singer and actor popularly known for his catch phrase “Oya hit me”. He was Born on the 6th of July, 1993. Shaggi hails from Ogun State, but was brought up in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Broda Shagi came to limelight in 2016, after his "Jesus appeared in Mushin" comedy skit went viral on social media. Since then he has been rich and famous, bagging different endorsements. He is currently one the GLO ambassador.

He is one of the most popular online comedian whose fame has brought a great fortune in the Nigeria entertainment industry. Broda Shagi has more than 3 million followers of on Instagram.

Indeed, skit making has created a platform for numerous Nigerians to not only gain popularity, but to also make a good living out of it.

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