5 Years After They Acted 'My Kids And I', See Recent Photos Of The Oguike Sisters

The Nigerian Nollywood industry has been surprising us with various talented kids in most of their movies, and this has indeed shown a tremendous improvement in the industry.

The Oguike sisters comprising of Chindinma, Chisom, and Chinenye Oguike are arguably the most talented child actresses in Nollywood. They became household names after they were featured in the movie 'My Kids And me' in 2017. Since then, these child actresses have gone ahead to star in so many other movies.

In the movie, this beautiful sister acted as a returnee from Abroad, they are known to be very rude and disrespectful while the little angel acted the role of a well-trained child. The father who is balance is known to be too busy in other to curtail this kid

Well, in this article, I am going to present some photos of this beautiful angel for you to see their transformation 5 years after they acted in this awesome and impactful movie. Check them out below.

1. Chinenye Oguike

Chinenye is known to be the youngest sister among them and is also known to be the youngest actress in the Hollywood industry who will in the future transform the industry to a greater level.

2. Chisom Oguike

Chisom has captured the heart of many Nigerians from the way she acted perfectly in the movies thereby having lots of fans.

3. Chidinma Oguike

Childline is known to be the eldest among her sisters, she has lots of exceptional talent for the industry in the nearest future.

These children have given us enough reason that in the nearest future, the Nollywood industry would be in flames just because of these upcoming talented kids, we would have actresses like Destiny Etiko, Regina Daniel, and the rest.

They look beautiful, right? What are your takes on these, beautiful ladies?

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