4 Nigerian Celebrities That Said They Don't Want To Have Children & The Reason For Their Decision

Children are blessings and the future to every society on planet Earth but for some reason, many popular individuals don't want to have any come from them.

Note that these individuals deciding not to have children doesn't mean they don't have a love for kids, however, they just don't see themselves having one for themselves.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 4 Nigerian celebrities who have publicly come out to say they don't want to have children and the reason for their decision.

1. Popular Nigerian musician, Temmie Ovwasa is number one on the list today. The singer in the late last year revealed that she has no interest at all in having any child in her life.

According to Temmie who is a queer, she has many reasons why she doesn't want to have kids. However, one of the main reasons is that she doesn't want a child will turn out to be heterosexual (someone that is attracted to the opposite gender).

2. Ex Nigerian reality TV star, Angel Smith trended lately on the internet after joining the list of celebrities in Nigeria with no intention of having children come from them.

According to the media star, her reason for not wanting any child is because of people's belief of children also taking care of the parent after. To Angel, she laughs at the idea.

3. Popular Nigerian actor, Olu Michael is number 3 on today's list after the young star publicly announced he's never going to have kids in 2019.

According to him, his parents are pressuring him to get married but he is scared of it. He wanted to have kids before but now he doesn't want any because it's too late for his age (48 at that time) and he doesn't like a situation where he would want to sleep and a baby will start crying.

4. The last on today's list is Nigerian actress and model, Monalisa Stephen. The actress revealed that she doesn't want to marry or even have children in 2019.

According to her, it's because of her experience growing up as she lost her dad when she was one and her mom a few years later. She emphasized the fact that there are kids out there that need parental love and she wouldn't hesitate to give it to one or two.

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