3 Things That Have Made Actress, Destiny Etiko Trend This Year, 2022

Destiny Etiko who nicknamed herself 'Drama Doll', has grown to become a people's fave and a force to reckon in the movie industry. She has a lot of fans who hype her regularly, and a lot of people who look up to her as a role model.

Just like other popular celebrities, Destiny Etiko has trended and made news headlines this year. Let's see some of the reasons why:

1)Bagging an endorsement deal

Back in the month of January, the star started her year on a good note as she bagged an endorsement deal with a diaper brand(name withheld). The brand unveiled her as an ambassador, and she revealed the good news on her Instagram page, and shared photos of herself signing the contract.

2)Celebrating her adopted daughter's birthday:

Destiny Etiko trended this year after she surprised her adopted daughter named, Chineye with cakes and gifts on her birthday in March. Destiny met her adopted daughter Chineye who happens to be her fan last year, and has been helping the young star after she(Chineye) declared how much of a fan she is.

3)Buying a car for her friend:

The self acclaimed Drama Doll made a lot of news headlines after she bought an SUV for her male friend who is known as, Dr. Success. Destiny Etiko always poses with the man in some of her Instagram posts, and gave him the car because of their closeness and as a birthday gift

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