3 Female Celebrities Who Said They Didn't Choose Their Partner Because Of Their Money

There are these female celebrities who have made it clear that they never agreed to be with their partner for the money and other beneficial things, but they choose to marry them because they love them.

1) Mercy Aigbe.

The controversial actress, Mercy Aigbe, who recently got married to a popular business man and producer, Adeoti Kazim, has revealed that she was very much well-to-do before she and Adeoti got married. This statement was made in one of her interviews after the majority of her fans started declaring that she was with Adeoti for his money, so she made it clear she never married him for his money, both they both married because they loved each other.

2) Eudoxie Yao.

The Ivorian model, Eudoxie Yao, who is the Guinea singer Grand P's fiancee, is also female celebrities who have debunked the news of sticking with Grand P for his money. Eudoxie Yao has disclosed that she genuinely loves Grand P, and she doesn't like it when they say she is in a relationship with Grand P for his money. She has disclosed her dislike for such a statement. Eudoxie Yao never allows what their fans say get to her, she is still very much in a relationship with Grand P and they are getting married soon.

3) Kamreneefit.

The fitness coach, Kam Renee, better known as Kamreneefit, who is the current girlfriend to popular body builder Nick Santonastasso, has also disclosed that she loved Nick and she is loyal to him not because of his financial status. She revealed sometime last week that there are fans who are telling Nick that she is down for him because of his money, and there is no way she could be loyal to him, so she made it clear that such a statement is a disrespect to her person and to Nick. Kam has always used any opportunity she gets to show Nick how much love she got for him regardless of whatever people say to them.

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