Wizkid is Handsome But These 11 Celebrities Are More Handsome Than Him, Check Them Out

Nigerian celebrities are known to be very charming and attractive. Both our male and female celebrities spend a lot to look good and they always do look good.

One of these handsome Celebrities is Wizkid. Ayodeji Ibrahim, popularly known as Wizkid, is a very handsome musician and is considered by some of his fans as the most handsome celebrity in the country. I have heard people on multiple occasions say that he is the most handsome musician in Nigeria but I totally disagree with them. This is because there are even many more artistes who I think will beat Wizkid hands down when it comes to attractiveness.

I Compiled photos of them and would like you to be the judge of today's contest. We move!

1. Tekno

Kenechukwu Miles is a Nigerian Musician, songwriter and record label artiste. He has been in the music industry for sometime now and is best at what he does. Tekno is a very handsome man and his fashion style is just so adorable, I think Wizkid is no where near him when it comes to handsomeness.

2. Kiss Daniel

Kiss Daniel is equally a Nigerian Musician and songwriter. He is always rated as one of the most handsome Musicians in Nigeria and it is just so obvious that he is actually attractive. I think he will come out victorious Incase of any contest with Wizkid. See photos;

3. Ramsey Noah

The name Ramsey Noah is a household name in Nigeria. He is known as one of the most handsome actors and musicians have made it a habit to always mention him in their songs. All these, combined with his pictures, are evidences that he is truly a very attractive man and if nominated alongside Wizkid for the Mr Nigeria, he will surely end up becoming victorious.

4. Ozoemena chukwu

Ozo is a bbnaija housemate of the previous lockdown show. You need nobody to tell you how handsome he is. He is considered the most handsome hosemate of the show and indeed he deserves it. However, I think he is equally more attractive and handsome than Wizkid.

5. Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke, popularly known for his bad boy roles in the Nollywood movie industry, is one of the most handsome celebrities in Nigeria. He is a true definition of black beauty and I think is way too big for Wizkid.

6. Michael Godson

Michael is also one of the most attractive celebrities in Nigeria who, with his handsomeness, has got a lot of ladies crushing on him. He is quite very handsome and just like the others, he'll surely beat Wizkid in the contest.

7. Somadinna Adinma

Somadinna is no doubt a very handsome young man who has got ladies tripping for him with his iconic looks and fashion style. He has been rated, on many occasions, as the one of the most handsome personalities in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and indeed he is. See photos;

8. Ben Lugo

Ben lugo, a Nigerian actor, is equally super attractive and I think he is one of the most good looking artistes to ever grace the Nigerian entertainment world. Of course, I think, it will be unjust to compare him with Wizkid.

9. Alex Ekubo

Alex Ekubo, also known as Ikuku, is a Nigerian actor who was featured twice in Yemi Alade's music videos, where he acted as Yemi's crush. This is probably an evidence that he is truly attractive that even celebrities are crushing on him. See cool pictures of him;

10. Fredrick Leonard

Fredrick is populary known for his unique and iconic looks. The talented actor, who is the master of his game, is very attractive and he's choice of fashion also speaks good about his looks.

11. Ik Ogbonna

Ik Ogbonna is also a very good Looking man. He's good looks even got an American model attracted to him, whom he has a child with. Checkout some cool photos of him;

Meanwhile, Check out some cool photos of Wizkid and make your comparism. Enjoy!

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