Uche Jombo And 5 Other Nigerian Actresses Who Married Men From Other Countries

There is nothing wrong with marrying people from different races, so long as the love is real and genuine. There are some Nigerian actresses who married men from other countries; some of them didn't disclose why they did. Today I have compiled a list of six Nigerian actresses who married men from other countries.

Anita Hogan

Holland based Nigerian actress based in Holland, found love with a foreigner from the Netherlands. He got married to a man called Ted, and they have two kids together. Unfortunately, her husband passed away after a brief illness, putting an end to what was a fruitful marriage.

Karen Igho

Karen Igho, a popular Nigerian actress and radio presenter, married Jaroslav Rakos of the Czech Republic in 2014. They are both enjoying a fruitful union where they managed to have a child together.

Chioma Toplis

Chioma Toplis is one of the Nigerian actresses who got married to a man from another country. The UK-based actress married an England international who happens to be an engineer. Her husband, Andrew Toplis, is UK-born, and they currently have three grown-up children together.

Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi

Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi, a Nigerian actress and model, married an Italian man, Lucas Orlandi, who works as a fashion designer.They have both been enjoying a long-lasting marriage since 2005, during which they have had two grown-up children together.

Ufuoma McDermott

Popular Nollywood actress, Ufuoma McDermott, found true love in Steven McDermott and decided to tie the knot with him in 2010. Both of them are blessed with a son and a daughter as they continue to enjoy their marriage.

Uche Jombo

One of the most sought-after Abia State-born actresses, Uche Jombo Kenney Rodriquez, hails from Puerto Rico. They got married in 2012, and their marriage has since been blessed with a son as they continue to prove that there's nothing wrong in marrying from another race.

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