Top 7 Most Spoiled Celebrity Children In Nigeria (Photos)

1. Wizkid’s Children

Nigerian singer Wizkid has a couple of children and these children are constantly being showered with gifts, endorsement deals, and lots and lots of money. In some of Wizkid’s boisterous days, he has bought his really young son Zion a customized diamond neck piece.

Decked his son in Gucci that cost about $2,000 for a single top.

Bought his son a Bentley bicycle


And his son at such a young age has even bagged an ambassadorial deal with UK Kids Clothing Line, Childsplay

These children are chopping dollars.

2. Davido’s Children

Another singer who is not ready to spare any expense for the sake of their children is none other than popular singer Davido.

In the past, Davido has bought his daughter Imade a mini-Bentley convertible.

He has also been guilty of buying a $16,000 wristchain for his daughter from IceBox – a very expensive jewelry store.

And as recently as August, he reportedly bought two brand new diamond studded ROLEX watches for his daughters each worth about $80,000.

3. Cameron Okoye

Peter Okoye’s son is one young man who is also chopping life. A look at his Instagram feed as well as pictures over the years that his father has posted of him and his chop-life lifestyle is proof that this young man has thoroughly enjoyed young money even at such a young age.

4. Ned Nwoko’s children

Nigerian business tycoon, Ned Nwoko who famously has many wives and many children with these wives seems to have no issue providing for such a large family. We see the children of Ned constantly via social media and YouTube vlogs totally enjoying their lives, buying expensive items, and chilling.

5. Dino Melaye’s Children

Popular Nigerian senator, Dino Melaye has three children and nobody has to tell you that these children are living very well. As recently as last month, reports began circulating about Dino buying his 11 year old daughter Ruth a brand new Lamborghini.

The news circulated around the Nigerian media and eventually Dino came out to debunk the rumors flagging them as nothing but lies. Still, just because he really didn’t buy Ruth that Lamborghini, it doesn’t mean those children are living very lavish lives.

6. Jamil Balogun

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage’s only son is one of the most popular celebrity children and with that comes brand deals and media attention. In essence, Jamil as young as he is is already raking in quite some money for himself. In fact, Tiwa put it best while insulting a writer for Nigerian publication, Pulse Nigeria when she said:

Even my son bagged more money than your whole company @OneMotolani @PulseNigeria247

Tiwa and her son can be regularly seen lounging, relaxing, and enjoying a lavish life.

7. Mompha’s children

Of course this list would not at all be complete without including Mompha’s children.

CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change, Muhammed Lawal Mustapha’s children are spoiled rotten. Muhammed, popularly known as Mompha makes it a point to consistently post pictures of his children on expensive cars, holding wads of cash, living very lavish lives. Although it has brought backlash from some, others say they see it as an inspiration of what they can aspire too. Regardless of how you look at it, one thing is a fact: These kids are balling heavy!

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