Rihanna And 3 Other Female Celebrities Who Are Expecting Their First Children In 2022

The year 2021 has given us some amazing baby announcements wonderful baby pictures, but by the end of 2022 there are more than 10 months left, it could be the biggest year for babies. Many fans get excited when they see the baby bubbles of their favorite female stars. With so much time left, it is likely that we will see many important announcements about pregnancy from our beloved celebrity couples.

Let's look at the celebrities who are expecting children in 2022.


Famous singer, actress, fashion magnate Rihanna will become a mother. . The singer is pregnant with her current boyfriend, A $ AP Rocky. The couple was spotted in New York when photographers captured Rihanna with her whole baby bead.

Jennifer Lawrence

The famous Hollywood actress married Cook Maroni in October 2021. After about a year of marriage, the actress is pregnant, this year she is expecting her first child.

In September 2021, it was rumored that Jennifer was expecting her first child with her husband after two years of marriage in Rhode Island. The Oscar winner, speaking about the details of his pregnancy, said: "My God, you're expecting a baby," I would not be, "God, I can not talk about it. Get away from me! ” ay psycho!

Rico Shibata

Famous actress և model Rico married Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage in February 2021, when they were engaged in 2020. Although Nicholas has other children, this is Rico Shibata's first pregnancy.

Eva Cooper.

American rapper Yves Cooper, who married British businessman Maximillion Cooper in June 2014 after a four-year meeting, is expecting her first child. In November last year, the rapper announced that he and Cooper were expecting their first joint child in February.

In one of his posts he wrote: "Can you believe it, mrgumball3000 we can finally tell everyone! You all know how long we [sic] wait for this blessing. We must meet our lil human February 2022

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