Meet The Two Nollywood Actors Who Are Often Mistaken For Ruth Kadiri's Husband (Photos)

Actresses in Nollywood are always followed by both positive and negative publicity. Paparazzi, bloggers, and fans sift through practically every detail of their personal life. As a result, their lives will remain open book filled with rumors and controversies.

While relationships can be difficult on their own, they can become far more complicated and, at times, stressful when combined with public attention. As a result, some actresses prefer to keep their personal lives secret. Ruth Kadiri is a perfect example of an actress who has managed to keep her husband's identity hidden for a long time. The talented actress has been so vigilant in concealing her husband's identity that rumors about her have circulated.

In this article, I will share with you two Nollywood actors who have been mistaken for Ruth Kadiri's husband, as well as reveal the name and show you pictures of her true husband.

1. Stanley Ebuka Nzediegwu aka Stan Nze

Many people believe Stan Nze is Ruth Kadiri's husband. In 2019, rumors that he was Ruth Kadiri's husband began to circulate when many mistook a photo from the film 'The List' for wedding photos. Stan Nze is still looking for love.

2. Eddie Watson

Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson are said to be dating and possibly married. These rumors, on the other hand, are false.

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri on the set of a movie

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri have played on-screen lovers in several films, and their on-screen chemistry has led to suspicion that they are married.

Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson are married but to different people. Eddie Watson is married to Ghanaian actress Naomi Baaba Watson, with whom he has a lovely daughter.

Eddie Watson's Wife and Daughter

Ruth Kadiri's Husband: Who is He?

Apart from his name, Ezerika, little is known about Ruth Kadiri's husband. Ruth Kadiri and her husband are raising a daughter together and, based on the photographs they share, they are deeply in love.

Ruth Kadiri is fond of sharing pictures of her husband on social media, but she has kept his face hidden from the general public. Perhaps one day she will reveal the identity of the man who stole her heart.

Should Ruth Kadiri keep her husband's identity a secret or announce it to the public?

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