Meet Top 5 African Female Celebrities Who Did Plastic Surgery (Photos)

As a celebrity, you may influence a huge following on social media and be approached by businesses for endorsement deals. Celebrity worshipping on social media keeps celebrities on their toes to match audience expectations. As a result, most celebrities have turned to plastic surgery to enhance their bodies and become the flawless beings they desire. How widespread is this in Africa? This list will amaze you.

Why do celebrities like plastic surgery? The technique is more common. Several African celebrities have stated that physical alteration has benefited their careers. Others indicated they desired the confirmation of having the perfect body. These may be valid reasons, but who are these famous people who have had surgery? You should look them up.

Connie Ferguson

The star of Generations has always impressed people with her superb wine maturing. She is obviously doing her utmost to avoid wrinkles. Viewing Connie Ferguson's before and after photos reveals the alterations in her face structure. Connie Ferguson may have had rhinoplasty to tighten, straighten, and resize her nose.

Khanyi Mbau

Actress who rose to fame as the second Doobsie in Muvhango. She is recognized as the queen of skin bleaching and is not shy about it. She may possibly have undergone a nose job or other surgery.

After Photos

Her liposuction journey and expense were also openly discussed. “My physique is my investment and my finest accessory,” she tells her followers.

Faith Nketsi – Nose Job

You'll accept the cliché that most socialites undergo physical transformations if you see Faith Nketsi in the crowd. The latter has undergone a nose operation in order to better define the bridge of her nose. She's also had her jawline surgically altered. She's bleached her skin as well, in addition to her face.

The socialite is well-known for her hour-glass form, thanks to her naturally curvaceous frame. Her body doesn't appear to have changed all that much since she was a member of the infamous 'Pro Twerk' squad. She says that she is a fitness fanatic in order to keep her shape in check. As a result, it isn't evident if she's undergone any cosmetic treatments.

Tonto Dikeh

Philanthropist and actress Tonto Dikeh or better still Tontolet is very vocal when it comes to issues. So when it came to having bigger butts, the mom of one gladly told anyone who cared to know that she augmented her bum.

Toke Makinwa.

Toke Makinwa's physical change is one of the most talked about on the Nigerian internet, thanks to her fame as an OAP and socialite.

A lot of speculation surrounds whether or not she underwent major surgery to attain her current physique. Toke made it plain in December of last year that she didn't like the way her body looked and that she wanted to alter it. In a tweet, she said:

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