Meet The Nigerian Actress Who Said She Can't Step Outside Her Bedroom Without Bra

Shirley Igwe is a popular Nigerian Actress, movie producer, model and politician who is making waves in the Nollywood industry. She is not only beautiful but highly talented. Shirley Igwe is a great Actress who can play any character assigned to her in movies. The former Principal Protocol Officer to the then Imo State Governor is known for acting romantic and action thriller movies. Shirley Igwe is the Nollywood Actress who said she can't step outside her bedroom without bra.

The Imo State born Actress started her professional career as a model before entering into acting in 2012. She has featured in series of hit Nigerian movies including Dry Apple, Wind of Change, Where Lovers Meet, Black Rose, Inside Marriage, Fantastic 3 and lot of others.

The 33-year-old light-skinned Actress is not yet married as she doesn't flaunt pictures of any man in her on social media. She is one of those Actresses that has maintained a scandal-free lifestyle in Nollywood.

During a chat with, Shirley Igwe was asked if she goes out without wearing a bra like some ladies does and the Actress made it clear that she can't step outside her bedroom without bra.

According to Shirley Igwe, "Well, have you ever seen me go out without bra? Look at me now, imagine me going out without bra, what would you think; I honestly have my bra on so I can't do that."

However, when she was also asked why she think ladies do that, she then said, "I don't know, but I feel it depends on their b**bs size. Their b**bs size might just be four or so and they are big, they might not need to wear bra. But as for me, I can't go even come out my bedroom without bra (laughs)."

Shirley Igwe is obviously doing well for herself in her career. Check out more beautiful photos of the Nigerian Actress.

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