Meet 5 Popular Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Devout Catholics

Just like the saying “By their fruit we shall know them" this particular saying is applicable to Catholics, whenever you see them they are either wearing the “Rosary or Scapular". No matter how popular or rich the person might be, he or she will either wear it, put it at the front of their car or their house.

The Rosary as it is populary called “The Chaplet" is a very powerful prayer recited for the Intercession to the Blessed Virgin Mary for any of your intentions. The Scapular, is worn by some particular people after attending classes regarding the Scapular and it prayers for 30days.

Sometimes Catholics recognize each other when wearing the Scapular or the Rosary. Although non-catholics do wear the Rosary but not all the time, so when you see a Catholic and one that loves the Rosary very much he or she will always wear it.

There are some celebrites that also love showing it and professing their faith as a Catholic, and they hold the Rosary with high standards. So in my article today, I will be showing some celebrites who are strong Catholics.

1. Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie is a very strong and devoted Catholic, whenever he goes for an interview he always says he was raised by Catholic priests.

2. Yul Edochie

If you have noticed Yul Edochie photos, you will see that he is wearing the Rosary all the time, he is not ashamed to profess his faith even though he will be condemned or judge for worshipping a statue, just like how other denominations says to the Catholics.

3. Destiny Etiko

You might be surprised that she is a Catholic, she once shared a photo on her Instagram account, in that photo she was wearing a Rosary and she said she will never joke with it.

4. Princesss Salt

She is also a Catholic, she is always wearing the Rosary in most of her photos, and she once celebrated the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday, which is on the 8th of September every year.

5. Richard Mofe Damijo RMD

He is also a Catholic, and he always wear the Rosary even in movies, he recently was in the #NancyIsimeShow and when he was asked about his spiritual life, he said he takes it very serious.

This are just some list of celebrites that are Catholics.

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