Meet 3 Nollywood Stars Who Are Close To Actress Mercy Johnson (Photos)

Every decade so many talented and relentless Nollywood actors and actresses keep surfacing and frequently showing up on our TV screens with unending mouth-watering movies that keeps us glued to our Televisions sets. Many of these Nollywood stars have really accumulated some riches and gained some level of fame all with their acting skills and established their selves with other extracurricular means of livelihood.

One famous actress who have really established herself in the movie industry and remains a rich business woman is the Nollywood star known as Mercy Johnson; a beautiful, relentless and truly talented actress with a goddess look.

So today's article focuses on just 3 celebrity friends who are close to Mercy Johnson. These 3 friends are big time actresses who are doing well in their field of acting and shares a striking qualities with a closeness with Mercy Johnson. Check them out below.

1. Yvonne Nelson

First on the list today is the gorgeous Yvonne Nelson. Both Mercy and Yvonne have been friends for a long time. Every true fan of Mercy Johnson knows how close they are now and before now, as Yvonne Nelson was the lady who featured as the chief bridesmaid of Mercy Johnson.

See a screenshot of both actresses below.

2. Toyin Abraham

The second actress on the list is the ever relentless and talented Toyin Abraham. Apart from being one of Mercy Johnson's closest friend, the two actresses are usually seen spending quality time together for some time now.

3. Destiny Etiko

The third actress on the list is another relentless, endowed and beautiful actress called Destiny Etiko. Her bond with Mercy Johnson over the years is indeed a strong one. This two being close friends is not completely surprising because apart from these two actresses spending quality time together, Destiny Etiko sees and refers to Mercy Johnson as her Nollywood mentor.

Also, there is the fact that the fans of these two actresses compares the both actresses to each over the years.

See photos of both actresses below.

Seeing these two actresses together, there is no doubt that there are some similarities between them.

So, who would you prefer, and who do you think acts better between Destiny Etiko and Mercy Johnson?

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