Meet 10 Beautiful Friends Who Were Pregnant At the Same Time (Photos)

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that one must go through to understand what it truly feels like, but one thing that every pregnant woman requires is special treatment. Pregnancy situations differ from individual to individual, but every pregnant woman requires a companion; sometimes, the best companion is a friend who is currently pregnant and understands exactly how one feels at the time.

The prayer of every women is to become pregnant after marriage and give birth to their own child because motherhood is a beautiful thing. A pregnant woman is said to carry a developing offspring within her body for nine months, and even over nine months. God is responsible for the safe delivery of every pregnant women. Due to his amazing work, a woman can give birth to two, three, four, five and six children at once.

Pregnancy can bring on a flood of conflicting emotions. Even though you're overjoyed by the new life growing inside you, there may be days when you're frustrated by your stretch marks, swelling abdomen, disappearing waistline, etc. Pregnant women go through a lot of pain and stress during pregnancy which include morning sickness.

It's every female friend's dream to be pregnant together and have babies who are so close in age that they grow up to be best friends. It's a dream that my friends have discussed extensively, and it's something I've heard other friends mention more times than I can count. If you've had this fantasy with your BFF for as long as you can remember, you'll adore and possibly be a little jealous of these friends who have unlocked the ultimate BFF Life Achievement by sharing at least some of their nine months of pregnancy together.

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