"If I Arrest This Guy Now They Will Say I Am Using Celebrity Power - Actress Funke Akindele tells a Content Creator Who Drew Her Funny Image

An upcoming artist, identified as @bodataiye_oniyakuya on Instagram, displayed his artistic work on social media. He drew a famous artist, known as Funke Akindele and the picture is making waves in entertainment industry.

Funke Akindele reacted to the drawing and captioned it saying "When i call for the arrest of this guy, you all will start saying am using celebrity power. So you think this is right? If I catch you, you will swear inside winter".

Her caption tells she is angry with the artist for drawing her in such a mannerless way but fans and viewers online, tried calming her down by telling her that Bodataiye is just trying to display his artistic piece of art and he meant no harm. Slowly scrutinize the following comments below.

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