Four (4) Pairs Of Twins That Are Making Waves In Nollywood Industry (Photos)

The Nigerian Nollywood Industry is filled with famous twins who are making waves in the industry. These sets of Twins are making us proud in Nigeria and across different countries.

However, in today's article, I will be sharing with you four beautiful pairs of twins that are making waves in the entertainment industry.

Let's start with....

1. Nwachukwu and Nwaeze Shire

Nwachukwu and Nwaeze Shire are handsome Nigerian actors and directors. This multi-talented twin has been in the industry for over 10 years. Nwaeze and his twin brother started pursuing their acting careers at a very young age.

However, this identical twins shares a striking resemblance which has made many directors feature them in movies roles.

They are both 33 years of age, and both have carved themselves good names in the entertainment industry. This set of twins is known for their hardworking and fantastic jobs.

To add to their credits, Nwachukwu and his identical brother Nwaeze are owners of a movie production company named Twins Production.

2. Chidinma and Chidiebere Aneke

Chidinma and her twin sister, Chidiebere are two popular Nigeria Nollywood actresses and directors. They were born in the southeastern part of Nigeria, precisely Enugu State.

Arguably, these twin sisters are the most celebrated and successful Nollywood stars in the entertainment industry. The renowned actresses have been in the movie industry for over 10 years.

Over the years, the 35 years old actresses have produced and directed over 50 movies both English and Igbo-speaking Nigerian movies.

3. Joy and Joyce Mmeka

Joy and Joyce are fast-rising Nigerian actresses. They ventured into the movie industry immediately after their education. They have carved a good niche for themselves in the entertainment industry.

The multi-talented twin actresses have been regarded as among the fastest-rising Nollywood stars in the industry. This set of twins is quite often seen with the same outfits. They have both starred and directed over 40 movies.

4. Treasure and Tracy Daniels

Treasure and Tracy are another set of twins in the Nollywood industry. Treasure and Tracy are very identical, they were born on the 21st of October.

Their striking resemblance is compared to none. Some people claim that they cannot differentiate between them easily. They have been in the industry for about two decades now.

Treasure and Tracy joined the movie industry professional in 2002. Ever since they came into the limelight, they have been seen on the screen featuring and starring in different Nigerian movies.

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Which pair of twins did you know in the industry that did not make our list?

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