Eniola Ajao And 4 Other Popular Nigerian Female Celebrities Twins Who Have A Striking Resemblance

Twins are viewed as special, and they are also seen as unique human beings from God. There are some Nigerian celebrities who are not only twins, but they are so identical to the extent that it takes a second look to be able to differentiate them. Some of these identical twins in our entertainment industry have established themselves as top celebrities in Nigeria. Today I have compiled a list of five popular Nigerian female celebrities who are identical twins.

Kessiana Edewor

UK born Nigerian media personality, Kessiana Edewor, has an identical twin sister whom she has a striking resemblance with. Her twin sister is known as Eku Edewor, and they are so identical to the extent that it will take a second glance to be able to differentiate between the two of them.

Taiwo Aromokun

Popular Yoruba movie actress Taiwo Aromokun has a twin sister who looks so much like her. Her sister, Kehinde Aromokun, shares her appearance, and their film colleagues frequently mistake them for each other and struggle to tell them apart.The two of them love each other very much, to the extent that they share family pictures together, which is part of the reason why their fans love their bond.

Chidinma Aneke

Chidinma Aneke and her twin sister, Chidiebere Aneke, are two famous Nollywood twins who are doing well in the movie industry. They're so into each other that they sometimes appear in the same movie together.They both have a striking resemblance, and sometimes their fans struggle to differentiate between the two.

Kehinde Bankole

Kehinde Bankole and her sister, Taiwo Bankole, are two famous Nollywood actresses who have won many awards together. They were popular for their roles in the Wale Adenuga film production and Super Story. Both of them have a striking resemblance, and sometimes it's difficult to differentiate between the two of them in movies.

Eniola Ajao

Eniola Ajao is a popular Yoruba movie actress who has a twin sister who goes by the name Kehinde Ajao. They recently celebrated their birthday together, which was attended by their celebrity colleagues. The two of them are also identical, and they share almost the same voice when talking.

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