Checkout The Looks Of These 8 Fast Rising Nigerian Comedians When Acting And Off Acting (Photos)

In Africa and globally, Nigeria has one of the largest number of entertainers who are undoubtedly doing well in their respective fields of career ranging from; Music, Comedy, Modeling, Acting and so on.

Although every of the mentioned field is very important in the entertainment industry but you can bear me witness that comedy in Nigeria is one of the most followed-up entertainment. This is because at a point in life, virtually everyone of us usually leave work and everything behind just to make sure we laugh at something funny, and this is very important as it has been proven by medical personnels that laughing actually increases our life span and makes us look younger.

Haven said that, you would bear me witness that each successful entertainer in every of the above mentioned field of entertainment, started small before they eventually went globally. So today I have compiled a list of 8 comedians who are fast rising than we thought, and these people have really made us laugh out some of our sorrows in the cause of watching their comedy clips.

So without wasting too much time, we will be looking at photos of how these comedians look while acting and their recent photos when they are off acting. Check them out below

Lord Lamba is presently one of the most lucrative comedians online. His kind of comedy is different and logical, as he always makes sure he is on the safer side of every situation.

Checkout recent photos of him when he is off acting below.

2. De General

Another great comedian who really came in with a difference is De General, also known as “the bag man”. Although we don’t know the complete idea behind the bag, but De general is always with his bag whether he is acting or not.

Checkout recent photos of him when he is off acting below.

He still held the bag in another photo he took with a lady that seems like his girlfriend, considering the fact that he tagged the post “love”.

This is actually just his uniqueness and he is loved for it.

3. Nas Boi

Nas Boi is another handsome and really different comedian that is making waves online. He most times acts as a big man in his comedy.

Below are recent photos of him when he is off acting.

4. Taooma

Taooma is not just a regular kind of comedian because her comedy comes with a message to pass to viewer, but in a funny way. Imagine the way she slaps anyone thats jokes around with her, with her tiny voice to spice up everything. She is is just a talented comedian with a difference.

See recent photos of her below.

5. Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni, also known as Mr Freaky is a very influential comedian who is conversant with the use of the phrases “are you dia”, and “ooin, you are doing well”. He has really made his fans laugh with his comedy and it doesn’t look like he plans to stop anytime soon.

Checkout recent photos of him when he is off acting below.

6. Mr Funny

Mr Funny popularly known as Sabinus is a very talented and hilarious kind of man. It is actually not possible to view any of his comedy and not laugh because of the intensity of hilarious content embedded in his skits. It is either he falls a victim of something wrong or something bad happens to him in his comedy.

Checkout recent photos of him when he is off acting below.

7. Nons Miraj

In the course of doing comedy, Nons Mijaj has successfully turned herself into a mother which is her uniqueness. She is always the mother of a stubborn son, or her daughter brings in a stubborn son inlaw. She is really a talened and beautiful lady who looks extra gorgeous when she is off acting.

Check out her recent photos below.

8. Brain Jotter

Finally on my list is one of the fastest rising comedians today called Brain Jotter. This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Brain Jotter as he is presently one of the most influential comedians online. In his comedy he is usually walking away from people who seems as though they are talking trash, taking his shoes in his hands or using the phrase “abeg getat”.

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