Angry Fans Invade Abuja Stadium As Nigeria Fail To Qualify For 2022 World Cup (Photos)

Nigerian fans were in high spirit last night, as the Super Eagles went head to head with the Black Stars of Ghana, in the second leg at the Abuja Stadium for a spot at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

It ended with a rather disappointing result, a 1:1 draw, sending Ghana to the FIFA completion, and leaving the Super Eagles rather hopeless.

Some Nigerians were so angry, that they decided to take matters into their own hands, they went on to vandalize the stadium after the match, which I must say was a very bad decision.

It shows Lack Of Patriotism Among Nigerian Citizens

The Abuja Stadium has always been the home ground for the Super Eagles, and one of the finest stadiums we have in the country. Vandalising and destroying property has no good sides, it only proves that Nigerians are not patriotic.

It Shows The High Level Of Disorder In The Country

I am very sure the Black Stars would be laughing so hard, seeing Nigerians destroy their own stadium after losing. It shows nothing but pure disorder among Nigerian Citizens. At this stage, we cannot blame the government for such actions. Nigerian fans showcased disorder, and it will also give a bad impression on other countries in Africa and around the globe.

The Government Would Have To Spend Heavily To Rebuild The Damaged Areas

Clearly, fans were not thinking straight, when they decided to vandalize the stadium. We have been complaining about poor infrastructure in the country, yet, we don't seem to care about the little we have.

Building or renovating a football stadium takes a whole lot of cash. The Nigerian Football Federation would need to spend heavily to get the stadium back and ready for use again. Which is a budget that would have been avoided, only if Nigerians acted decently.

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