6 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single Mothers And Doing Great (Photos)

Most people have the mindset that a woman cannot be totally complete without a man, or a woman cannot train a child alone without the support of a man in her life. But this content will prove them wrong, as i show you some Nigerian female celebrities who are doing great as single mothers without support from a man.

Marriage is a necessity, but in the other hand, it is not a compulsory affair once it doesn't favour you. That's why it's good to be an independent woman who has something doing, and not dependent on any man to survive because you don't know about tomorrow if that very man will still stand by you or not.

Currently today in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, we have talented beautiful female celebs who have worked hard for themselves and have also proven not to be dependent on any one. The Independent female celebrities are identified as Boss Ladies who can take good care of themselves coupled with their beloved kids, without the help of any man in their lives.

So without much wastage of time, let's take a look at 6 Nigerian Celebrities who are single mothers and doing great without husbands. Check out their recent photos that proves how good and healthy they are living. Drop your comments below and share to friends so it can go viral.

1. Mercy Aigbe

Nigerian Movie Star Mercy Agibe is a woman who has made a great fame in the movie industry and also a role model to many upcoming movie stars. This beautiful movie star is very talented with her good works on screen and loved by many for her good vibes and talent.

Mercy is a perfect example of boss lady as she is a single mother who still lives great and well doing. She owns many businesses that are flourishing well, and she is also a creative and brilliant fashionista who her fans always anticipate her social media posts.

This movie star is a blessed single Mother of 2 lovely kids, identified as Michelle & Juwon Gentry. She has proven to be a good mother to her kids and training them alone as a single mother and still doing great. Actress Mercy is a divorcee as she got separated from her beloved ex-husband years back due to domestic violence allegations, and till date she is still yet unmarried.

The beautiful Movie star has proven that marriage is not compulsory for a woman to be successful in life.

2. Iyabo Ojo

This is another famous and loved movie star, also a Tiktok master. Iyabo Ojo is one among the top Nollywood stars making good waves in the entertainment industry and loved by many.

The beautiful Actress Iyabo is not just a movie star, but also a successful entrepreneur who owns a restaurant and also a bar in Lagos state, Nigeria. The movie star works hard to cater for her beloved family as a single mother who is blessed with 2 adorable children, identified as Festus & Priscilla Ojo.

Actress Iyabo Ojo is an example of a strong woman who us doing great without a husband.

3. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is a beautiful an ever young woman who is filled with talents of singing. She is a well known Nigerian Afro-pop artiste whose songs are recognized outside the country, and has made great fame in the entertainment industry loved by many for her sweet songs.

The Music Star is a single mother, blessed with one handsome looking son from her ex husband identified as Tunji Balogun popularly known as Teebillz.

Her cute kid is identified as Jamil Balogun, and her crashed marriage doesn’t prevent he singer from growing her music career and also training her beloved kid.

Beautiful Looking Singer Tiwa Savage’s achievements so far after her crashed marriage have undoubtedly proven that having a husband is not everything as she is doing well for herself and little son, Jamil and they both are living good and healthy.

4. Tonto Dikeh

This is another movie star that has achieved greatness even as a single mother of one. This movie star is a super talented actress and among the actresses that has filled the industry with good works and made great fame in the industry as well.

Actress Tonto Dike has proven that been a single mother, you can still achieve great things as she is currently an ambassador.

5. Toyin Lawani

The name Toyin Lawani is not new in the Entertainment industry. She a the sophisticated female celebrity who has great talents and making great waves in the industry. She is a beautiful and stylish woman who has good taste for gorgeous outfits. Actress Toyin is an award-winning fashion designer and has several flourishing businesses in her name.

This movie star is a hardworking woman, paving way for her two beloved children as a single mother.

The Actress is not yet married, but she is a single mother of 2 adorable kids, identified as Tiannah & Lord Maine. She is doing great and training her kids as a single mother.

6. Fathia Williams

Fathia Williams surely made the list as she is another movie star who has also proven that woman can do great without a man. The beautiful actress, Fathia Williams (Balogun) is an exceptionally talented movie personality filled with great talents on screen.

Actress Fathia Williams is divorced with her ex-husband, identified as Saidi Balogun who is also a popular Nigerian movie actor. And since her separation, with her beloved husband, the movie star is doing well for herself and beloved children. She has 2 beloved kids, identified as Khalid and Aliyah Balogun.

Actress Fathia Williams is not just a movie actress, but also an entrepreneur who is into several businesses. She also has a hairline and restaurant. She is doing great without a husband.

In Conclusion

The above discussed 6 popular beautiful female celebrities are successful in their very own career and they have also shown that marriage is not everything and shouldn’t be a compulsory if it is not working out for you.

So what's your own opinion? Do you believe that women shouldn’t be pressurized for marriage? Also is Marriage really a necessity?

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