6 Nigerian Celebrities That Almost Aborted Their Child (Photos)

We all love seeing sweet pictures of celebrities and their children. But believe it it not, some came pretty close to getting aborted.

Famous or not, it’s always tough to decide whether or not you want to raise a child. But in spite of facing pretty bleak odds, these celebrities did not let their situation push them into abortion. And now they are super happy with their kids.

Johnthewriter is someone who is strongly against abortion and believe children are gift from from the Almighty God.

Are you nursing the thought of an abortion? Read on and I bet you will have a change of heart. Don't do it!

1. Toyin Alasua

Toyin Alasua is a talented actresss who is famous in the Yoruba-cinema. She played a prominent role in Bukky Wright’s movie “Omotara Johnson”

When Toyin was 17-years-old, she got pregnant.By the time the pregnancy was five months old, she thought of aborting the child but it failed. Today that child is now a full grown man and the apple of her eyes.

Toyin Alasua and her son

2. Toyin Lawani

In 2015, popular stylist and fashion designer, Toyin Lawani revealed that when she was pregnant with her son, she almost had an abortion because she was older than the father of the child and was scared of what the public would say.

She said:

"A lot of negative voices kept begging me to take it out that it was a bad idea,Well Imagine if I had listened to the world or if I was too scared to carry on cause of what people will say?...I would have missed out on this Beautiful Blessing....My son is the most handsome Boy ever I've ever seen..."

Toyin Lawani and her son

3. Uche ogbodo

During her daughter's birthday in 2018, Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo revealed she was adviced to abort her daughter. Uche defiled the advice and kept her baby.

She wrote,

"... I love you beyond words can explain. You are the true essence of my Existence, My Second Chance In Life,my Guardian Angel .

I know why you are here with me, God sent you to Assure me of his Undying love for me , to protect me & give me Security. When the world looks so bleak and impossible, you hold my hands in Assurance "

When the devil tried to destroy me and make me desolate, you Came and gave me fulfillment. Thank you for All you Do for me my Angel, all you do that you might not know you do! I’m happy I didn’t take the Advice to Abort you. I would have been long dead and buried by now too."

Throwback picture of Uche and her daughter

Her daughter is now grown up and looking beautiful like her mom

4. Adaeze Yobo

Adaeze Yobo is the Wife of former Super Eagles player, Joseph Yobo. She was also the most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 2008.

Celebrating her daughter's 1-year-old birthday in 2018, Adaeze disclosed that she almost aborted her due to scan result which indicated that she had fibroid from two different hospital.

According to Adaeze the first scan she had it was fibroid. She did another scan in another hospital and it showed fibroid and pregnancy and was adviced to flush it out which she did.

A week later she felt sick and the Holy spirit directed her to another hospital were she was told she had no fibroid and her child was still inside her.

Instead of being happy she said her heart was full of tears because she was scared if the child would be normal after all the drugs she took. Today the baby is healthy and looking beautiful.

5. Omawunmi

Today, Nigerian singer Omawunmi can look at her daughter, Kamilah and see a reflection of herself. When she was pregnant with Kamilah, she had the thought of Aborting the child but she's glad she never did it.

6. Regina Chukwu

Pretty, Nollywood actresss Regina Chukwu almost aborted her son Maduabuchi Richard Nwafor due to poverty.

According to the actress her husband was terribly sick when she was pregnant and there was no food for her to eat. Today her son has grown and his able to lift her up. Her joy has no bounds.

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