6 Features Of Destiny Etiko That Makes Her So Special (Photos)

If you ask any person what they know about Destiny Etiko, you’ll likely hear that She's one of the best actresss in Nollywood. This is totally true. Many men tune to Africa Magic Just to watch Destiny Etiko movies. She can be funny, she can be wicked, she can act like a village girl- she's the whole package.

Johnthewriter is big fan of Destiny Etiko and would love to meet her one day. If you're aren't a fan of Destiny Etiko you are missing. Destiny Etiko's curve is not only the thing that makes her special. Check out the features she posses that makes her one of the best in Nollywood.

1. Her Perfect Face

While other actresss are doing surgery on their noses, lips and ears, Destiny Etiko's face is simply perfect.

Whether she's on makeup or without makeup, her face looks like a sunshine, So perfect in every way.

2. Her Funny Side

No matter how big your problem you can't watch Destiny Etiko's funny movies or videos on TikTok without laughing.

3. Her Beautiful Smile

Nollywood has always been known as the place of pretty women with charming smiles however Destiny Etiko's smile seems too be the brightest. Over the years, she has been with the hearts of men and women over with her smile.

4. Her Kind-heart

Destiny Etiko is a cheerful giver

5. Her Hourglass Shape

Her shape is simply gorgeous. She's God's perfect creation.

6. Her Friendliness

Destiny Etiko is a very friendly person. She has a good relationship with her colleagues.

Destiny Etiko is currently 31 years old but she still unmarried. Hopefully before the year comes to an end, I pray she gets married soon.

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