5 Nollywood Stars Who Followed Their Famous Parents Footsteps (Photos)

Most times we destiny calls. Have you evee wonder why some Nollywood stars have children who are also celebrities? That's because its destiny.

Most of them have gone extra miles just in the name of acting, some have starred in movies along side with their parents.

In this article we will list out some Nollywood stars who followed their famous parents footsteps.

1: Kayode Olasehinde and Samuel Olasehinde: Kayode Olasehinde is a very popular actor who starred in a popular movie series 'Papa Ajasco', he so have a son Samuel Olasehinde who is also an actor. Samuel started as a child actor.

2: Pet Edochie and Yul Edochie : Pet Edochie is one of the elders of Nollywood, and he has a son Yul Edochie who is also an actor, there is a striking resemblance between the both of them both physical appearance and so in talents (acting). Yul rose to fame when he featured in the movie 'The Exquries' in 2005.

3: Uche Nancy and Chinenye Nnebe : Chinenye was born on the 5th of April 1997, she started acting as a child actress. Uche Nancy is the mother of Chinenye.Uche Nancy was once an actress but she now focus more on the producing aspect.

4: Salami Adebayo and Femi Adebayo: Salami Adebayo is well-known as Oga Bello, he has starred in over Nollywood. Salami is also a producer. He produced his first movie in 1985 'Ogun Ajaye' that was where he introduced his son Femi Adebayo into Nollywood.according to Femi being an actor has made him do alot of terrible things such as slapping his father.

5: Rita Daniels and Regina Daniels This is a situation where I will say like Mother -like Daughter. Regina started acting as a child actor in 2007, she is now the most controversial actress in Nollywood.

Regina also once gave her mum a hot slap all in the name of acting. Regina is now a proud mother. Maybe the son also will lobe to follow his mother footstep

Can you slap your parents all in the name of acting?

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