5 Nollywood Actresses That Can Play Any Given Role In Movies (Photos)

Some actresses are so versed in their acting career that whatever role they are given, they fit into it perfectly and deliver to the delight of their viewers.

In Nollywood, we have talented actresses like that and some of them are;

1. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is one actress that does not hold back whenever she plays any role in a movie. She has a way of bringing every character to life and making the viewers happy with such a great performance.

From acting as a tomboy, to an illiterate village girl in Dumebi, a maid in Corporate Housemaid, a wife, and even a gangster. Although we've not been seeing much of her in recent times, she was part of the casts for A Naija Christmas, which was released in December.

2. Nancy Isime

The Edo state born actress is outstanding in her acting prowess and she is one of the New Generation stars in the movie industry. Nancy has a way of making you love her character in every flick she has starred in because she does it with perfection.

In the movie, "Disguise" she played the role of a guy, she was transformed into a boy and pulled it off quite easily.

Not only that, she is good in crying scenes, she has played roles where she had to fight like in Merry Men and Made in Heaven. She is not a stereotype actress.

3. Mary Lazarus

Mary Lazarus is one actress who is versatile in her characters portrayal. She smiles easily as much as she cries in films. Just like Nancy Isime, she swapped roles as a man in "Losing Control" and did a fantastic job.

A remarkable thing I like about her is the fact that no matter how disjointed a storyline is, she delivers her part excellently.

4. Bimbo Ademoye

Bimbo Ademoye is also a New Generation actress in Nollywood. The light-skinned lady is well skilled and conforms to her roles effortlessly to the delight of onlookers.

When it has to do with a role of her standing up for herself, she is up to the task, when it has to do with vulnerability, she comes with her A-game.

I liked how she played a tomboy, swerved, and had an accent in the movie, "Finding Baami".

5. Bolaji Ogunmola

It was hilarious seeing Bolaji act as an illiterate who was doing well financially in "Flip of Love". She is very good at acting as a working class lady, but she also fits into diverse parts.

In Kylie's Quest, she played the role of a street girl, and in Hope Spring Eternal, she was a grieving widow and mother when she lost a child at birth.

It is refreshing to see actresses who do not play the same character in different movies, but can adapt to any given part.

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