5 Nollywood Actresses That Are Very Emotional In Movies (Photos)

One of the true qualities that define a good actor or actresses in the terms of acting, is the ability to act in any role flawlessly without any flaws.

However, we all know acting is another challenging profession. Isn't everyone that you see can act very well. However, we've talented actors & actresses in the movie industry who're certainly known for acting well. However, when you study their roles in movies very meticulously, you'll come to realize that they're naturally talented & their gift was inborn.

In today's article, we'll be talking about the top 5 actresses in the Nollywood industry that are so emotional in movies. (Nollywood movies precisely)

As a matter of fact, Acting emotionally in movies can be very challenging. So, we'll be looking inward from the fifth to the first position.

Below are names & photos of them.

5. Kate Henshaw:

We'll know Kate Henshaw as a very talented actress in the Nollywood industry, However, she has been in the Nollywood industry for so many years now, and she's as well a veteran actress.

When we talk about her acting skills, Kate Henshaw can be very emotional in movies. However, her movies can even make you cry as well. She's a good actress & she's very talented.

4. Chacha Eke:

Chacha Eke is a beautiful Nigerian actress who can play emotional roles in movies very well. There was a time when I was watching her movie, However, It made me cry & I felt for her.

Here are photos below that will convince you.

3. Nkeru Sylvanus:

Nkeru Sylvanus is a Veteran actress in the Nollywood Industry. She normally cries in most movies. If you've ever watched her movies, you'll understand what am saying. I normally described her as the sadist. She's always crying & always sad in movies.

2. Chinwe Owoh:

if you have ever watched any Nollywood movies and you've never seen this woman in tears or sorrow, that means, you don't use to watch Nollywood movies.

Chinwe Owoh is a popular Veteran actress in the Nollywood Industry who can starre in sorrowful & tragic movies. However, I don't use to watch her movies because it always makes me feel sad. Chinwe Owoh hails from Enugu state.

1. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is the first on the list. She's one of the popular actresses in the Nollywood Industry. The Veteran actress is very talented when it comes to acting. However, talking about being emotional in movies, she can act very well without any flaws. And I also think she's the best among others because she does it better than anyone else.

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