5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless Before Fame

We only see the beautiful and glamorous lifestyle of celebrities, but people usually don’t know the kind of things they had to pass through before the fame came.

A lot of celebrities had to go through one hardship or another while trying to become somebody in life.

In fact, there are some Nigerian celebrities who at a point in their lives had no place to stay, they had no proper home and had to sleep anywhere available to them.

Below are 5 of these Nigerian celebrities who were once homeless before fame.

1. Patoranking

While coming up, popular Nigerian artiste, Patoranking faced a lot. He had to quit school due to financial issues .

He was homeless at a point in his life. He moved from Cape Coast to Accra where he spent most of his nights on the street of Osu just to survive.

He also had to sell rat poison and do bricklayer jobs.

This is one reason why Patoranking usually makes reference to the hardship he faced in his songs.

2. Tunde Ednut

Nigerian entertainer, Tunde Ednut, once made it known that there was a time he had no home.

Recounting his experience, the popular entertainer revealed that he had to sleep in his car for months because he was homeless. Every morning, he’ll drive to Dr Sid’s house to bath.

He added that his clothes and shoes were usually at the back of his car.

Every night, he’ll park his car at a safe spot and sleep in it. He said that this happened for months.

3. Timaya

Popular Nigerian singer, Timaya, also had to live on the street at a point in his life. He made it known that he was once a troubled kid. He said that his passion for music made him face a lot.

He had to run away from home because his dad wanted him to become a banker, which he (Timaya) felt was not his way.

He ran away from home and had to sleep on the street.

4. Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, also had no proper home to stay at a point in her life. She had to stay in an unfinished building with her family.

The actress once revealed how she used to cry on set whenever she remembered this. She stated that she and her family had to stay in the uncompleted building, living with lizards. Whenever it was raining, they had to take cover so as not to get drenched

5. Ramsey Nouah

Popular Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah, also has a story to tell on homelessness. Even though his life started out comfortable, things went bad for him and his mom along the line.

They lost their resources and had no place to stay.

Ramsey Nouah once revealed that he had to sleep under the bridge at a point.

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