5 Crazy Expensive Things Tiwa Savage bought for over N300 Million (Photos)

You may know her as Mama Jamjam, you may know her as Number One African Bad Gyal, but we all know her as Tiwa Savage. She is undoubtedly Nigeria’s biggest female artiste and has been described by Cubana Chief Priest as the “most expensive female artist in Nigeria”. Tiwa Savage is very rich and not only does she know this well, she loves to enjoy her money, and she loves to flaunt it for the world to see.

Tiwa Savage

1. She Bought A $200,000 Pendant

Undoubtedly to me the most outlandish and most crazy expensive thing Tiwa Savage has done in the public eye is buy herself a diamond pendant from IceBox worth a reported $200,000. The singer made the purchase with cameras watching during her appearance on the Icebox Youtube channel. $200,000! That is a LOT of money.

2. She Spent N9.4 Million in a Club

Tiwa Savage has said in times past that she is actually quite introverted and doesn’t go out as much as we think she does. It seems though that when Tiwa does decide to go out, she turns it all the way up. According to fellow Nigerian singer Skiibii who posted about the event on social media, Tiwa Savage while in the club on one reported evening spent a whooping N9.4 Million. In one club. In one night. N9.4 MILLION!

3. She Bought a N79 Million Wrist Watch

The way we are just talking these numbers – N79 Million. For a watch! Yes. Tiwa Savage in October last year bought a diamond encrusted wrist watch which she went ahead to flaunt all over her social media. Later after uploading the videos and pictures of the watch, Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut revealed the value of the watch saying:

Cheeiiiiiiiiii! Tiwa Savaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage, see Wrist Watch nauuuuuuuuu… This beautiful PATEK WRIST WATCH cost $140,000 (N79,000,000). Damn, look at those glitter! Money good o! If you have money, splash it on yourself and look good Oo! APROKOOOos, wetin una hear, Una no go hear am. #TheQueen

4. She Bought a N60 Million Mercedes Benz

In 2019, Tiwa Savage took to social media to show off her #NewWhip. Media personality Azuka Ogujiuba talking about the purchase said:

After her magical performance, Africa’s leading female artist, no 1 African bad girl, my one and only iya Jam Jam @tiwasavage and her manager @mekkamillions chilled in her newest whip, a customised Mercedes Benz v250, 2019 model, which cost is 60 million naira and clearing was 15 million. ‘This whip is like a PJ flying on a road, and it is called ‘SAVAGE Mobile’

5. She Bought Diamond Encrusted Grills

Finally, Tiwa Savage in 2018 bought a set of grills. Diamond encrusted grills for that matter. The grills spell out her name “Savage”. The singer took to social media to show off the expensive items and while the price of the item was not widely reported, it is clearly not a cheap purchase.

Tiwa Savage is a woman with a LOT of money and just going through this article, my mind is still blown at how much money she spent on just these five items alone. What do you think of Tiwa’s purchases? Which item did you like best? Least?

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