The Luxurious Lifestyle Of Popular Nigerian Singer, Tiwa Savage (Photos)

Tiwa Savage is no doubt one of the most recognized musicians in Nigeria, and Africa at large. The 41 years old superstar has won both national and international awards, goes on music tours in different countries, and have released different chart topping songs with some international acts.

With all these, it's quite obvious the superstar is making a reasonable amount of money for herself, which is also contributing to her luxurious lifestyle. Let's have a look at the luxurious lifestyle of the popular celebrity:

1) Expensive jewelry

Tiwa Savage is obviously a lover of expensive jewelry, and has splashed millions of Naira for different pieces. Back in 2021, the superstar splashed millions of Naira on a customized Diamond wrist watch, which reportedly costs over 70 million Naira.

Months after that, the superstar also splashed millions of Naira on getting herself a customized, 'Savage', necklace.

In addition, she has also flaunted some obviously expensive jewelries whose prices are unknown.

2)Customized car

Some years back, Tiwa Savage got herself a customized car with the word, 'Savage' inscribed at the seats. Tiwa Savage constantly poses in the car, and never fails to flaunt the 'Savage', inscribed at the car seats.

3)Traveling with private jets

We sure do know that booking a private jet doesn't come cheap, but when it comes for her own pleasure, the proud mom of one doesn't mind spending. Tiwa Savage has been spotted in private jets on different occasions, either when she's going on a vacation or traveling for music purposes.

4)30 Shoes for 1 week

Some weeks back, Tiwa Savage revealed that she packed over 30 shoes for her one week vacation. These shoes are really luxurious and come from different high end fashion brands. There are 7 days in a week, even if the superstar planned on rocking 2 shoes daily, she'd still have over 16 pairs remaining. Maybe she packed so many shoes so as to have a variety of options and not that she was actually going to wear them all.


Despite working extremely hard, Tiwa Savage doesn't let any opportunity she gets to enjoy herself, slip away. We've seen the superstar go on vacations in different places and thrill her fans with her moments from the vacation. The superstar has gone to places like, Dubai, Miami, California and Ghana for vacation.

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