Meet 5 Celebrities Stars Who Have Done Body Surgery And Didn't Keep It A Secret (Photos)

Plastic surgery is one of the most performed medical procedures in the 21st century which can be done for the sake of cosmetic or reconstruction purposes. Body surgeries were paramount when accidents occurred and the body of patients needed to be altered by fat transfer or any other form of alterations to help them survive better.

But now, it is a frequent procedure done to make celebrities have their desired looks. Hundreds of top celebrities have done body surgeries but not all are proud of admitting that.

Meet 5 female stars who have done body surgery and told the world about it.

Tonto Dikeh

Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh opened up about going under the knife to look different. In June, 2020, Tonto Dikeh shared her pre and post surgery photos on Instagram, and also passed the message that she is enjoying her new look.

This is how Tonto Dikeh currently looks like;

Huda Kattan

The famous 37-year-old American makeup artist in a video on YouTube talked about her lips. Huda Katten revealed that she had lip injections in 2009 but later dissolved them because her lips had no shape.>

This is how her new reformed lips look like;

Toyin Lawani

Nigeria's top fashionista and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani confessed that she had implements after she got disfigured from lumps.

Toyin Lawani's post surgery images;

Kylie Jenner

The 23-year-old business magnet and model revealed in a video that she was insecure of her lips when growing up so she had surgery on them. Kylie Jenner claimed to have removed her lip fillers when he had Travis Scott's first child, Stormi.

Kylie's post surgery images;

Cardi B

The talented American rapper, Cardi B, for a long time has been honest about her body enhancements. Few years ago, Cardi B in an interview talked about plastic surgery and vowed to not do it again.

Cardi B look after implements;

What is your position on body surgery, good or bad?

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