"If I Get 5M Naira I Will Send 4.9M To My Boyfriend To Go On A Vacation Alone" - Actress Ani Amatosero

Well-known Nollywood film maker, Ani Amatosero commonly known as Effixzzy Babe has cause mixed reaction as she shares new post on her verified Instagram page. In this post, Ani talks about how deeply she has fell in love with her boyfriend and what she is capable to offer him.

The actress proves that if she had 5M Naira, she will do nothing with it but to give her boyfriend 99% of it to go on a vacation alone. She further revealed that the remaining amount of the money will be used by her to purchase data in order to follow up her partner during the trip.

This seems amusing right? But this is a funny a way for the actress to prove the deep love she has for her boyfriend, and that made her rounded off her caption with "I too love that guy."

The full caption reads “if I get 5m Naira now, I will send my boyfriend 4.9M make he take go on vacation alone. Then I will use my 100k buy data dey look his posts.”

The post left many laughing while some are busy gushing on the picture she shared with the caption.

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