Actress Regina Daniels’ Mother Rages As Ned Nwoko Allegedly Pays Bride Price Of New Wife (Details)

Ned Nwoko, husband of Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has allegedly paid the bride price of his new wife. Cutie_juls noted that Regina Daniels mother, Rita told her in-law, Ned Nwoko not to post the pictures of her new wife on social media. It was reported that Ned Nwoko allegedly took his new wife to Asaba for the PDP rally which held at Senotaph stadium.

Rita also said that Regina was preparing to take in for her second child and as such, Ned flaunting his new wife on social media will be dangerous to Regina’s health.

According to the post by Cutie_julss,

“So Grandma Moon says Papa Moon should keep his new babe a secret from social media in-laws because of Mama Moon’s mental health.

Papa Moon even took his new babe to Asaba when PDP held the rally at Senotaph Stadium

Abeg, aproko says Grandma Moon dey vex wella for fear that Obasanjo’s internet children might make merry over this news.

Hmmm and grandma dey para sey as Regina is preparing to take in seed for her 2nd child, this kian behaviour from Pa Ned is very disturbing.

Confirming from Asaba, our new in-law is equally beautiful and fair.

Pa Ned has even paid bride price on this one

Online in-laws, we will do our own wine carrying this evening. For now let me go and mind the business that pays me”

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