5 Male Celebrities Who Don't Identify As Males (Photos)

Some male celebrities don't like to be regarded as men, rather, they prefer to be classified as nonbinary. When someone identifies as nonbinary, this simply means they don't want to be referred to as men or women although some nonbinary people feel they have both masculine and feminine traits. Below you will find a list of male celebrities who don't identify as males.

1. Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a popular musician who is well known for his vocal prowess. The musician is also well known for rocking feminine outfits on certain occasions. Sometime in 2019, He identified himself as non-binary, he claims that he is not a male nor a female, and he also revealed that he prefers using third-person pronouns.

2. Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness is a Hollywood actor who also prefers to be regarded as a non-binary person. In June 2019, Jonathan revealed his new gender, he stated that on some days he feels like a man, but on other days he feels like a woman.

3. Nico Tortorella

Nico Tortorella is a Hollywood actor and a model, he revealed that he is gender fluid. A genderfluid person is someone whose gender is not fixed because on some days that person identifies as a man and on other days, a woman. Sometimes they don't even identify as males or females.

4. Tom Phelan.

Tom Phelan is a 26-year-old actor and a famous YouTuber. Tom Phelan is non-binary and he also prefers gender-neutral pronouns such as they, we, or them.

5. Jacob Tobia

Jacob Tobia is an activist for the LGBT community. Jacob revealed that although he was born as a male, he enjoys rocking fashion items meant for women.

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