5 Female Celebrities Who Regretted After Doing Plastic Surgery (Photos)

There are some of our favourite celebrities who went for plastic surgery and they are happy that the surgery went well and they look beautiful. And also some celebrities who went under the knife to improve their body shape regret having to go under the knife for some certain reasons.

Today I will be showing you 5 popular celebrities who regret having plastic surgery and the reasons why.

See them below:

1. K. Michelle :

The popular R & B singer opened up about going for plastic surgery. According to the singer, she did b..u..t.t e..n..l..a..rgement but she regretted getting b..u..t.t enlargement because it affected her career negatively. She revealed that she wanted her normal shape back for the sake of her career and her business.

2. Kim Kardashian:

She is also one of the celebrities who did plastic surgery. According to her, she injected Botox injections to clear away some bruising around her eyes. She regretted having the Botox injections and she revealed that the injections were not necessary for her at the time she did the plastic surgery.

3. Khloe Kardashian:

The popular sister of Kim Kardashian also revealed that she had plastic surgery. According to her, the Botox injections she got on her face caused her not to make an expression on her face and she had to dissolve them. She also revealed that she is afraid to do it again because of the repercussions.

4. Kylie Jenner:

The popular singer also had plastic surgery. According to her, she had liposuction to make her lips a little bigger, but she regretted having it. She also revealed that her sisters told her that she looked weird and she had to have it fixed at that point in time.

5. Amy Childs:

The TV personality also revealed that she had b..r..e..a..s.t e..n..l.a.r.gement surgery when she was 18, but she regretted having to do it because she was still young and growing.

5. Cardi B:

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