4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Struggled To Survive Before Becoming Famous (Photos)

✓ Nancy Isime

Actress and TV host, Nancy Isime, began working at 16 years of age. She worked different jobs to support herself before getting the opportunity to embark on acting and event hosting, which she utilized.

✓Mercy Johnson Okojie

Mercy Johnson's journey to success wasn't rosy. She struggled while growing up due to lack of funds and had to work as a house help so she could earn some money to feed.

Mercy joined the movie industry in 2004, after which she became high in demand and featured in multiple movies.

✓Peter and Paul Okoye

Peter and Paul Okoye, strived to earn a living in the early 2000s. They had no money, so they had to travel to promote themselves, before finally rising to limelight and becoming rich.

✓Ramsey Nouah

Actor Ramsey Nouah, revealed how he and his mother suffered. They had no food and no where to sleep, so his mother had to beg for money for survival.

Ramsey who eventually dived into the movie industry, said he is glad to have experienced such because it has made him who he is.

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