4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Got Married In 90's Or Less But Still Serving Us A Couple Goals

Arguably, having a long-lasting and everlasting marital life is what each and everyone are praying and yearning for. The marital life of some celebrities as believed by many don't used to last long or is full of domestic violence but, however, the reverse is the case as we have seen many cases where the marriage is in existence for a long period of time and still moving smoothly as at now. However, in this article, we will be looking at some of Nigerian celebrities who got married in 90s or less than that but still serving us a couple goals.

1. Olu Jacob And Joke Silva (1986);

The veteran Nollywood actors, Olu Jacob and Joke Silva got married in 1986 - that was 5 years after the duo met each other on a movie set in 1981. The beautiful love story of Olu Jacob and his wife, Joke Silva is one that will enticing the ear to be listening to. However, despite the duo are now in their 50's or more and got married for long period of time they still serve people relationship goals and also a shining example to others in the institution of marriage. Olu and Joke are blessed with 2 child in their 35 years old marriage.

2. Omotola Jalade And Matthew Ekeinde (1996);

The Veteran Nollywood actress and philanthropist, Omotola Jalade tied the knot with the love of her life, Matthew Ekeinde in 1996. Despite the duo got married in 90's they are still enticing people with their unconditional love for each other.

3. Betty Irabor And Soni Irabor (1983);

Another Nigerian celebrity who cannot be left out here is the media personality, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Betty Irabor whose spousal relationship with her husband, Soni Irabor started in 1986 but they keep serving us a couple goals. The Marriage is also blessed with two child.

4. Nneka Moses And Isaac (1996);

The last but not the least in our list is the Nigerian presenter and fashion designer, Nneka Moses who also tied the knot in 1996. See the photographs of the duo below still tempting fans with their lovely life.

Which of the above couples is your favorite?

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