3 Things Regina Daniels And Ummi Rahab Have In Common (Photos)

Have you seen Regina Daniels and Ummi Rahab together before? If you take a closer look at both of them, you would realize that they have things in common. I have discovered three common things about them that I would love to share with you. But before then, let me tell you a little thing about Ummi for those who don't know her.

Ummi Rahab is a fast-rising Kannywood actress who was born in Kaduna state. She began to gain popularity after featuring in notable Hausa movies like "Kin Zamo Takwara" and others. Below are the 3 things she has in common with Regina Daniels.

1. Resemblance

If you see these two talented actresses on your screen, you would think they are both related because of their resemblance. With both beauty and colour, they both look alike but not related. While Regina is from Delta State, Ummi is from Kaduna State.

2. They both started their acting career as child actors.

Regina Daniels who was born in 2000 started her acting career when she was 7-year-old. Her debut movie was titled "Marriage of Sorrow". Ummi who was born in 2004 started her acting career when she was 10-year-old. Her debut movie was titled "Kin Zamo Takwara".

3. They are both connected to Islam.

Ummi Rahab was born into a Muslim family In Kaduna State which means she is connected to Islam by birth. Regina Daniels on the other hand was not born into a Muslim family but married into the family. This means Regina is connected to Islam by Marriage.

That's it, my people. Who do you think is more beautiful than the other? Please, don't forget to share this article.

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