3 Popular Celebrities That Have Undergone More Than One Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is fastly becoming the order of the day among celebrities. Celebrities today are gradually going for the change in appearance by going under the knife. While some of them have taken the same in a bold manner, others are going under the knife to remain young and beautiful.

On the other hand, several celebrities are scared of getting cosmetic surgery done because they think that no matter how the result may be, it could change their identity. Some of them even believe that their identity will change as a result of such surgeries and hence they want to avoid it.

But, every time a celebrity or a model gets plastic surgery done, it makes headlines and takes the social media by storm. These surgeries also bring into light issues related to their patients. Thus, here are 3 popular celebrities that have had more than one plastic surgery.

1. Bobrisky

Popular and controversial Nigerian crossdresser tops this list of celebrities that have undergone more than one cosmetic surgery. The male Barbie doll has gone under the knife to several times improve the shape of his hips and most notably, his lips. Bobrisky's career centers around him being able to look good for the camera, so it is not hard to understand why He has undergone these surgeries.

2. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is another controversial celebrity that has had more than one plastic surgeries. The actress, recently revealed to the public that She has undergone at least two liposuctions.

3. Kylie Jenner

Popular model and fashion entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner has been on the news several times for her multiple plastic surgeries. Just like the popular models in the Kardashian family, She had undergone surgeries to improve the shape of her nose, face and lips.

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