3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children in Their Homes (Photos)

In Nigeria, there are quite a number of children who lack basic and proper care which should have been given to them. This happens mostly as a result of their parents inability to cater for their needs adequately.

Every parent's dream is to give their children the best care and support however sometimes the children are not properly taken care of but if lucky, get adopted by someone else capable of catering to their needs properly.

3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children in Their Homes (Photos)

Adopting other children and giving them the best support and care is a good act which should be emulated in our society. There are some Nigerian celebrities who have already done this act and would be mentioned below.

1. Real Warri Pikin

Anita Osuoha popularly known as Real Warri Pikin is a Nigerian actress and comedienne blessed with three adorable children. While two of them - a boy and girl are her biological children, the eldest child who is a teenage girl identified as Stella Anuoha was adopted in 2017.

The comedienne took to Instagram to celebrate Stella on her 16th birthday where she revealed her adoption of the girl.

2. Destiny Etiko

In 2021, Destiny Etiko posted a video of a young girl professing her undying affection and admiration for the actress on her way to an occasion.

Later, Destiny adopted the girl known as Chinenye Eucharia Anibueze and put her up for a movie role since the girl expressed interest in the profession.

3. Obi Cubana

Nigerian businessman, Obi Iyiegbu a.k.a Obi Cubana has five adorable children in his home who are all boys.

The popular socialite revealed in a post on social media that four of the children are his biological children while one was adopted.

If you were given the opportunity to be adopted by any Nigerian celebrity, who would you choose?

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