3 Nigerian Actresses Who Built Their Parents Beautiful Homes (Photos)

There is nothing more stimulating than staring at an open display of love between a mother and her child. Nigerian celebrities have shown their parents their undying love by giving them gifts for the past few years, and today we will look at the Nigerian actresses who have given their parents houses as gifts.

1. Eve Esin

Following the completion of her newly completed house in February 2020, Eve Esin posted a video on her social media accounts announcing that she was dedicating it to her late mother, who she said passed away 15 years ago. She explained that she built the house to provide her mother with the honor she desired.

2. Bimbo Afolayan: In August 2020, Nollywood actress Bimbo, who is also the wife of film director Okiki Afolayan, shared a picture of the house on her Instagram page, congratulating her parents and thanking everyone who helped her achieve this goal.

The achievement is significant considering the fact that her mother had some problems with her landlord. Initially, Bimbo had shared a video showing her mother' s bruised body. People asked her to go a different way, but she refused. The actress, who is also the wife of film director Regina

2. Regina Daniels

The Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, gifted her mother with a mansion after she got married as a way of saying thank you for all of her love and care over the years.

The gesture was so heartfelt that the entire Nollywood industry applauded Regina Daniels for her generosity, and the story was well told as many people shared pictures of the house on their social media accounts.

3. Destiny Etiko

On the other hand, Destiny Etiko, on the other hand, has never failed to express her gratitude to her mother, who has always served as an inspiration to her.

For her mother' s birthday celebration, the Nollywood actress built a house and presented it to her mother, in which she thanked her mother for all of her support over the years. She recalled how her mother took her to a film location when she was young and stayed with her throughout to ensure she was okay.

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