The Luxurious Lifestyle Of Popular Nigerian Singer, Davido (Photos)

David Adedeji Adeleke famously known as Davido was very promising when he released his first hit single, “Back When” in 2011 and most Nigerians knew he would someday become one of the biggest music stars in Africa.

Today, Davido is one of the biggest artists in Nigeria and Africa, winning several national and international music awards and recognitions. The success Davido has achieved in the entertainment industry has earned him fortunes, which has contributed to his luxurious lifestyle.

However, we will be looking at some of the luxurious lifestyles of the popular Nigerian musician.

• His expensive cars

Davido’s love for cars has been drawn into controversy as he is one of the Nigerian musicians that have multiple cars. In 2021, the music made headlines after he shared the news of his new Rolls Royce on his Instagram account. It is reported that Davido’s Rolls Royce Cullinan is worth millions of naira.

Days after that, Davido revealed that he acquired another car, a Lamborghini Aventador as his early Christmas gift.

Davido has other expensive cars that he does fluent on his social media handler.

• His expensive necklace and watches

One of the top musicians in the country, Davido is one of the Nigerian music stars that doesn’t hide his love for extravagance especially when it comes to jewellery as looking good is important to Individuals who are active in show business.

Davido is known for flaunting jewellery that cost thousands of dollars. He is known for customizing some of his jewellery.

According to the report on legit, Ice Box, the singer’s jeweller once revealed that Davido spends between N50 million to N100 million on each visit to his store.

Davido is not only known for rocking an expensive frog pendant as he also wears a customized 30BG ring, a 30BG necklace, a jersey necklace, and more. See some photos below:

•His expensive houses

Davido built one of the most high-priced houses in Lekki a few years ago. After living in the house for some years, he acquired a mansion in Banana Island which he officially opened in January in Banana Island, Lagos.

Although the cost of the house wasn’t revealed by the talented singer the house cost millions of naira.

• Traveling in private jets

Davido has traveled in private jets on several occasions. Though the music star is rumored to have acquired a private Jet, he has been spotted on different expensive jets. Below are the pictures of Davido in different jets.

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