Meet Nollywood Celebrities Who Are Enemies In Real Life (Photos)

Nollywood industry has produced many chances of employment to people in Nigeria, and many people have ventured into acting movies in Nigeria according to the Nigerian's insider magazine. We always see these some of celebrities acting as enemies movie, but some of them are actually enemies in real life situation according to an article written known as

1. Oge Okoye and Nkiru Sylvanus.

Oge Okoye earns her livelihood through acting movies, and she has appeared in many movies according to the African multi-choice winners award record. She has put in a lot of hard work in this career, therefore she has rewarded with wealth.

Nkiru Sylvanus also works as an actress in Nollywood, and she has also been successful. These two celebrities are not in good terms in real life, because they fought over a man. Nkiru Sylvanus was in a romantic relationship with Oge Okoyes’s' husband according to the article by the name of Oge Okoye got this news, and they broke into a fight.

They went ahead to say all kind of insults towards each other on social media, and many of their fans could just watch. Oge Okoye later on divorced her husband by the name of Stanely Duru, because he accused him of infidelity.

These two women cannot be together in the same room, and their relationship because greatly affected according to their harsh words on Instagram.

2. Tontoh Dikeh and Toyin Lawani.

Tontoh Dikeh works as a Nollywood actress, while Toyin Lawani used to work as an hair stylist in Nigeria. These two celebrities loved each other a lot, and they were the best friend in Nigeria. Toying Lawani was working has a stylist for Tontoh Dikeh account to the Nigerian celebrities magazine, but they later on stopped being friends.

Toyin Lawani accused Tontoh Dikeh of using giving her styling credit to her friend by the name of Jeremiah Ogbodo, so Toying felt really hurt. She went promised out of anger to sue Tontoh Dikeh, therefore they relationship because affected.

Friendship turned into enemies, these two ladies started dragging each other’s name on the mud according to the social media statements. Tontoh Dikeh didn’t apologize to her, instead she posted on her Instagram account that she doesn’t care about Toyin Lawani.

They left each other’s side, and they are now living their own separate lives. With have learn that nothing is permanent, so we should always take our relationships seriously.

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