Check Out Nigerian Kids Who Owned A Multi-Million Naira Car Before The Age Of 9 (Photos)

There are lots of Nigerians whose rise to fame is miraculous. While growing up, they had nothing and little support, but due to constant struggle and hard work, they made it to the top. Because of this, most of them vowed to make their children's lives beautiful and fulfilled, unlike their own, which started with hardship.

Currently, many Nigerian celebrity kids own cars worth millions of Nairas. This is not mainly because of their wealth, but a gift from their parents, who vowed to give them a fulfilling life. They include the following.

(1) Mohammed Awwal Junior

He is the son of a billionaire, Mompha. When he was 8 years old, his billionaire dad bought him a Bentley for 99.5m nairas for his son as a special Valentine's gift. Mompha took to his Instagram to announce and share adorable pictures & receipts of his brand's newly acquired.

(2) Jayce

He is the son of popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. Less than a week after his birth, his mother bought him a brand new car. According to reports, the luxury car cost the famous former model 100 million and, as she informed us, the car had been ordered to welcome the arrival of her little prince, Jayce, while she was pregnant in Atlanta, but it was later shipped to Nigeria after Jayce was born.

(3) Imade Adeleke

She is the daughter of the Nigerian artist, Davido.

Her father got a Range Rover SUV for her as a birthday present. The music star took to his Instagram page on Thursday, May 6, 2021, where he shared a video of the visibly excited Imade and her new car. This is not the first time his father has bought her such an expensive gift. Davido has also bought her a mini-car and customized Diamond chain at her young age.

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