5 Nigerian Celebrities You Dare They Don’t Fight Online (Photos)

When it comes to online ‘dragging’ There are some celebrities who should be given accolades for their swift response because if you think their ‘celebrity status’ would deter them from ‘fighting back’ then you’re wrong. These celebrities give us pure content as they are never dry for words. They know how to give accurate clap-backs in ways that would ‘wow’ you. There are a good number of them but let’s stick with the top 5 today:

1. Bobrisky

Bobrisky Insults His Instagram Followers, Says They Need Mental Evaluation

Nigerian cross-dresser and self-acclaimed Snapchat Barbie is a no go area. There is no way in hell you will fight with Bobrisky and she won’t fight back. She would never let you go scot-free after insulting her. Bob will drag you inside the mud irrespective of who you are or your status. The worst part of it all, is if Bob is familiar with some of your dirty secrets. She will drag you by the horns by exposing your dirty secrets to the world with photos, documents, videos, anything available as proof.

2. Tonto Dikeh

It seems Tontolet’s response is usually based on her mood because sometimes when she’s expected to respond, she won’t. But if Tonto decides to respond, this light-skinned actress will not just clap-back with words, she’s definitely involving the police and suing your ass. Tonto doesn’t get tired once she starts, she could go on and on for a week or more.!

3. Reno Omokri

Bedding Multiple Women Won’t Make You A Man, But… —Reno Omokri Schools Men

When you think you’ve seen it all, that’s when you’ll know that Reno Omokri is nobody’s mate in the ‘dragging industry’. His own style is quite different as he will not only insult you intelligently, he would educate on top of it. Quoting the Holy-Book if need be in a very long message. This ex-presidential aide does not know how to respond with short messages, it has to be a long letter!

4. Iyabo Ojo

‘Silence Isn’t Golden In Nigeria’ –Iyabo Ojo Hits Back After Suspension

Iyabo Ojo seems to be coded in her dealings because one minute, she’s showering you with trending TikTok challenge videos and the next, she’s in a live Instagram video dragging anyone ‘draggable’. This talented actress does not gets scared and you don’t want to see her angry because once she is, it’s difficult to quench that anger. You can tell from her live videos when she decides to reply anyone she thinks has wronged her.

5. Frank Edoho

Almost similar to Reno Omokri, Frank Edoho is another man you don’t want to be caught in crossfire with. Once this seemingly cool-headed man decides to respond to you, then go get your dictionary because he will definitely make you feel you should ask for a refund from your English teacher in Primary/Secondary school. There is no way you’re going to win so it’s better to just accept defeat and ‘look away.’

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