5 Female Celebrities Who Once Opened Up On Their Body Surgeries (Photos)

The body surgery became more effective in the 21st century and has become one of the most performed medical procedures today. Many of our recent time celebrities now make use of the plastic surgery for the purposes of cosmetics or reconstructing their bodies.

Before now, body surgeries were actually done on people who were involved in a particular fatal accident, in order to help them survive and restore any damaged part of their bodies. But nowadays, it is a trend and a regular procedure done within some celebrities to help them gain a particular look.

Although most of these celebrities who engaged in body surgeries look good, not all of them are proud of it. Most people keep it a secret from the public, but these 5 hot female celebrities have one way or the other disclosed it to the public.

Lets check them out below.

1. Toyin Lawani

Popular Nigerian entrepreneur and fashionista, Toyin Lawani replied to a chat on her comment section and attesting to the fact that she did implants after she got disfigured from lumps.

(Check out screenshot from chat reply below).

Checkout Toyin Lawani's post surgery images below.

2. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a 24-year-old model who made a decision to have a surgery done on her lips after she revealed in a video that she had insecurity issues with her lips while growing up. She also claimed to have removed her lip fillers when she had her first child with popular musician, Travis Scott.

Checkout Kylie's post surgery photos below

3. Cardi B

Popular American rapper, Cardi B has always been honest with the fact that she did body implants. She also vowed never to do it again after she talked about plastic surgery in an interview.

Below are photos of Cardi B's look after her implants.

4. Tonto Dikeh

Sometimes back in the year 2020, popular Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh, took to her official Instagram handle to shared photos of her before and after surgery. The talented actress seems to be proud of taking this bold step in gaining her new looks, judging by her comment beneath the photo.

Take a look at Tonto Dikeh's current looks.

5. Huda Kattan

Finally on my list is Huda Kattan, a 38-year-old American makeup artist who made a YouTube video talking about her lips. She revealed how her lips was injected in the year 2009 but lost its shape after the process, and she had to dissolve them.

Checkout her current looks.

There is no doubt that these ladies truly look good in their new looks, but is this what our female celebrities ought to do?

Guys, what are your takes on body surgery? Kindly drop your comment in the comment section below.

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