5 Beautiful Nollywood Actresses Who Will Be Turning 40 Years In 2022 (Photos)

Checking Out Beautiful And Stunning Pictures of Actresses Who Will Be Turning 40 Years In 2022. NO. 3 will Left You Stunned

The Nigerian entertainment industry is one of blessed country with the most finest actresses who have stolen the hearts of mzansi. They are beautiful actress that many find it heart to believe when revealing their ages. Here we look at other actress who will be turning 49 years old in this year of 2022. Which means that they were all born in 1982.

1. Ini Edo: The brilliant, Sensational and lofty Nollywood performer Ini Edo, who is also one of the most in a brief moment obvious enormous names in Nigeria, will on the 23rd of April this year turn 40 years old.

2. Stephanie Linus: Renowned Nollywood performer Stephanie Linus, alluded to for occupations in films like Dry, Eye of the Gods, Last Girl Standing, and others, will turn 40 on October second this year.

3. Adunni Ade: Nollywood's brilliant and gifted performer, Adunni Ade, has been in the Nigerian film business for a significant length of time now and has highlighted in such manifestations as It's Her Day, The Vendor, and Diary of a Lagos Girl. On the seventh of June this year, the wonderful mother of two will join the 40-year club

4. Eniola Badmus

Another Nollywood entertaining lady and enthusiastic actress, Eniola Badmus is known for including in model movies like Omo Ghetto, Mr. and Mrs. Ibu, Blackberry Babes to say the least. On the seventh of September this year, the Gbo Big Girls artist will clock 40 years old too.

5. Queen Nwokoye: Nollywood's comedic and exciting actress.Queen Nwokoye has highlighted in different Nollywood films, including Save The Baby, Short of Time, The Evil Queen, and that is only the start. On the 11th of August this year, the awesome Nollywood performer will turn 40 years old.

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