4 Popular Nigerian Celebrities Who Came Back To Life After Being Pronounced Dead (Photos)

Every living soul shall taste death, because death is inevitable. Some popular celebrities have experienced death over the last few years, but they have come back to life after their families have already announced their death. The likes of Mr Ibu, Jerry Amilo, and others have found themselves in this situation in the past, and it was only the grace of God that brought them back to life. Today I have compiled a list of four popular Nigerian celebrities who once died but came back to life after they were pronounced dead.

Gbenga Adeboye

Popular Yoruba music legend, Gbenga Adeboye, was the pioneer of stand-up comedy. He was also an actor and a producer. His family announced his death in November 2002, but he woke up the next day. After his resurrection, he said he was sent back by the angels to go back to the world to bring his Bible and the gospel. Unfortunately, he later died in April 2003, leaving his wife and children behind.

Jerry Amilo

Nollywood actor, Jerry Amilo, had an accident when he was invited to an award night in Lagos alongside his friend. Some good samaritans quickly rushed them to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead by the doctor. Surprisingly, he woke up after spending three days in the mortuary, and he has been in good health ever since.

Iyabo Oko

The veteran Yoruba movie actress was pronounced dead all over the social media channels. In a shocking development, the actress who is battling with a stroke eventually came back to life after three hours of death.

Mr Ibu

Only a few people knew what really happened to Mr Ibu until he came out to explain how everything happened. He revealed that he was invited by a Nigerian man to perform at an event in Enugu State. He claimed he was in a hotel with his crew when a group of armed men attacked him and smashed his head with a heavy object after his crew had gone to their rooms. He revealed that he was pronounced dead at the hospital, but he woke up after four days, and he has been in good health ever since.

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