4 Nollywood Actresses Who Built Their Parents Beautiful Mansions (Photos)

There is nothing that is stimulating at staring at an open show of love between mother and child, Nigerian celebrities for the first few years have shown their parents, undying love, by giving them gifts so today we are going to look at the Nigerian actresses who gifted their parents with houses.

1. Bimbo Afolayan

In August 2020, Nollywood actress Bimbo, bought her parents a new house, the actress who is also the wife of film director Okiki Afolayan, shared the picture of the house on her Instagram page, she congratulated her parents and thanked everyone that made it possible for her, the achievement is very significant considering the fact that her mom had some problems with her landlord, initially Bimbo had shared a video showing her mom’ s bruised body, people asked her to go and rent a better house for her mom, now she has built a better house for her parents instead of renting a better house for them.

2. Regina Daniels

The Nollywood actress Regina Daniels blessed her mother with a mansion after she got married, just to thank her for her love and care over the years, the show of love was so emotional that the whole of Nollywood applauded Regina Daniels for her kindness, and the story was well told as many posted the picture of the house on their social media accounts.

3. Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko too never failed to appreciate her mom who has always been her inspiration, the Nollywood actress built a house and gave it to her mom as a gift for her birthday celebration, she thanked he mom for all her support over the years, she recalled how her mother took her to a movie location when she was young and stayed there all through to make sure she was okay.

4. Eve Esin

Eve Esin in February 2020, took to her social

media accounts to show off her newly completed house later on she shared a video revealing that she is dedicating it to her late mom, she said that her late mom passed on 15 years ago, she revealed that she built the house to give her mother the honor she desired.

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