4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Streets Named After Them (Photos)

Nigeria is a country rich in culture and diversity. To do justice to the country's massive population, we have a plethora of entertainment options to keep us entertained. The fields can be anything, such as music, film, football, or any other sport, and we adore the superstars that have emerged from them throughout the years. These celebrities from various industries gain a lot of stardom, which results in incredible ways of admiration. One such unexpected way is to have a street named after them.

1. Ime Bishop Umoh

Bishop Imeh has left an indelible imprint on the Nigerian film industry with his hilarious and distinct acting style. The hilarious actor is well-known not just in Nigeria, but also throughout the world, for his outstanding performances. Bishop Imeh has a street named after him in Uyo. His mansion is also on this street.

2. Akpororo

In 2018, Nigerian stand-up comedian and gospel singer Jephthah Bowoto, also known as Akpororo, was honored in Lagos by having a street named after him. However, the specific location of the street was not revealed.

3. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage, an award-winning singer, was honored in Lagos in March 2018 when a street was named after her. The street is situated in the posh Lekki Phase 1 area.

4. Fatai Atere

Football too plays a vital part of our country's entertainment. Football is so mething that is close to our hearts and so are the players. Fatai Atere is a former Nigerian footballer who played for the Golden Eaglets where he did exploits.In his honour, the popular Fatai Atere Way in Mushin was named after him.

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